DNS-OARC Development

Information and links about the development, process and projects at DNS-OARC.
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You can find the code for our open source projects on GitHub.

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Packages for Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS are built for most of our software, here you find all the information you need to setup and install them.

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Chat & Support

We have a Mattermost channel for learning about OARC's software, it's features and new releases. You can also interact with others using our software and get general support.

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DSC Grafana

Test site for feeding DSC data into Grafana using DSC DataTool.

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We run Buildbot to build our software on multiple platforms in order to do compability testing.

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Clang Static Analyzer

We use Clang's scan-build to do static analysis for each pull request.


We use LGTM to do static analysis of our code base.

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We use SonarCloud to do static analysis of our code base.

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